It's easier than you think to achieve the perfect lawn.

Nothing's more satisfying than having one of the greenest and fullest lawns in the neighborhood. However, for a lawn to really come alive, you have to keep up with a lawn schedule. You might think it's difficult, but with our calendar it isn't.

What we offer over pest control companies

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You can find pest control companies anywhere, but none of them can offer what we do.

We want you to save money, by doing your own pest control.  Instead of paying for the product, their labor and service, you are able to pay for the product and do your own service multiple times for a lower price. Our products cover a variety of pest treatments for the inside or outside of your home and  business. If you have any questions or doubts about doing your own pest control...well, that's when you should call Do It Yourself Pest & Lawn Care.

About Us

Do It Yourself Pest & Lawn Care in Tavares is a family owned business that was established in January of 2014. Our goal is to provide you the customer, with the knowledge and products to do your own pest and lawn care at a much lower and more affordable cost over what a specialized pest and lawn service would cost you. Our staff consists of trained professionals with the knowledge to help you identify any pest or lawn problem that you may have, and how to use our pest control products. If you have any questions, or need more information please feel free to contact us.