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Like all of our products our fertilizers are professional grade as well. How are they better than chain store fertilizers you ask? Our fertilizers contain little to no fillers and high amounts of nitrogen that provide a slow, continual feed for your lawn. In addition our fertilizers contain micro-nutrients that enrich your soil, promoting a healthy lawn.  We also carry organic fertilizers as well. Following our lawn schedule is key to keeping your lawn green and healthy, click here to view our calendar.

Fertilizing is also important for your plants as it promotes their health, and prevents insect infestation and fungus from occurring. Check out our tree & shrub fertilizer, or espoma plant fertilizers.

Weed Control

Weeds can infest all types of lawns, therefore we have a variety of professional grade herbicides that are meant to kill weeds without harming your lawn. In addition to weed killers, we also sell pre-emergents that prevent weed seeds from germinating and overtaking your lawn (click here to visit our lawn calendar and see when to apply). 

Weed Control Tips:

  • Be patient, most herbicides take 3-4 weeks to see results. Reapplication may be needed in 4-5 weeks.
  • Using a surfactant is recommended as it promotes the absorption of the herbicide throughout the plant, and prevents it from being washed away by an unexpected rain.
  •  Always apply herbicides as early in the morning as possible.
  • Do NOT mow 3 days before or after application.
  • If suffering from a serious infestation, applying a pre-emergent is necessary to prevent regrowth of the targeted weed.

Soil Testing - $35.00 (takes 1 week)

If you are experiencing problems with your lawn or wondering what you can do to have a healthier and greener lawn, we provide soil testing. By testing your soil we can figure out what nutrients your lawn is missing, and what product would be best to promote your lawn's health. 

Soil testing consists of collecting 10-15 samples from different areas around your lawn, 6 inches down, and mixing the soil up in a 1 gallon bucket. After the soil has been mixed up, make sure that the soil is dry before your bring it in. After you bring the dried soil in we will send it out to get tested, and notify you of the results when they come in.

We also provide pH testing to determine whether or not the acidity of your soil is suitable for your type of grass.


Fungus can appear on your lawn or plants for a multitude of reasons. Improper watering is a major cause of fungus issues. Make sure to water every 3-4 days and check that water isn't building up on the surface of your lawn promoting fungal growth (water needs to reach the roots). If you are unsure whether or not your lawn or plants are suffering from a fungus problem bring in a sample today (for lawns bring in a dinner-plate sized sample of the infected area). 

pH Testing - $1.00 (done in store)

Applying fertilizer but not getting any results? Maybe the pH of your lawn is off, which can cause your lawn to not uptake the nutrients from fertilizers in the correct manner. Additionally, your lawn may not be receiving water properly. Most lawns function best at a slightly acidic soil (below 7.0), if your lawn isn't within an acceptable range we have products to fix it. Bring in 10-15 samples from various parts of your lawns and we will test the pH right in front of you.