Termites can cause extensive wood damage inside your home. We have products that cover both drywood and subterranean termites, learn how to treat before the damage becomes irreparable.

Have unwelcomed guests in your lawn or garden, such as deer, gophers, moles, rabbits, or voles? Pick up some repellent today to keep them away.

Is your home, lawn, or pet afflicted with fleas? We have a multitude of products to rid you of fleas and some preventative measures you can take as well.

Bed Bugs can be a serious and expensive infestation to deal with. However, here at DIY Pest & Lawn Care we will provide you with a top notch treatment plan to rid you of these pests asap.

German roaches are different from regular roaches as they are an inside only insect, and are transported by humans. Due to their high reproductive rate, they require a special treatment plan. Come see us today and we will show you how to rid yourself of these pests.

Spiders are quite troublesome and hard to kill as their bodies are elevated off the ground. However, we have products that can tear down these creatures webs and neutralize their nervous system.

Got a roach problem? Several of our products are contact kills that provide a residual which will kill the roach shortly after they walk through it. 

Our professional grade products can wipe out any ant colony whether they are infesting your lawn or the inside of your home. The best way to deal with these nuisances is with a slow kill spray or bait that will lead back to the queen. 

Soil-inhabiting insects can also be a major problem for the health of your lawn, as they feed on your grass and plants, while also attracting burrowing animals such as moles. Due to grub activity being highest in the spring and summer months we advise you apply a soil-inhabiting insecticide twice a year.

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Rats and mice can carry disease and chew through furniture or boxes within your home or attic. Visit us today to see what baits and traps we have for these vermin.

In conjunction with specific treatment products for pests, we also provide a granular surface insecticide that provides a 2 month residual that is designed to disable the nervous system of any surface insect who crosses into your yard.